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To give you the most comfortable "feeling" and assuage any concerns as a first time visitor I would do recommend that you do the following:

1-When you exit customs in GIG you will walk thru the new and overpriced duty free store and then thru glass doors to the main terminal reception area. There will usually be a well dressed and attractive lady asking if you want a taxi. She works for Coopertramo, the large radio taxi company. Buy a prepaid ticket with her to your hotel in Copacabana. Ignore the other taxi shills as they will put you in a standard cab. They are not bad, and Uber is also here too, but on day 1 radio taxis are the best option for your first visit. The higher end hotels can also arrange a private driver to collect you at GIG. There are also staff there who are well marked that speak English and can assist you.

2- Copacabana has excellent hotels for all budgets. Ipanema is all 4-5 star and frankly overpriced in all aspects. A beach front view is most expensive obviously and a nice 3 star hotel that is 2 blocks off the beach can be had for 1/3 the price. If you want to go high end pick the new Marriott. Stay in the middle of the beach or in the area between Posto 4-6 towards Arpoador/Ipanema. All hotels have security.

3-Your hotel can arrange everything you need in terms of tours and personal assistance as they all have an English speaking person on staff.

In closing, it is a city of 15MM people, dirt poor and rich, with a large middle class. Like any other mega city in the world you simply don't do things here that you would not do somewhere else. Standard issue common sense.

My wife and I will no longer travel to Europe because of what it has become. She is a Brasilian and we live in Canada, but we are setting up to retire in Rio in the next 5-10 years. So, if we are going to live 6 mo of the year here, and 6 mo up there, personal safety is the least of our concerns in Brasil.

PM me about anything at anytime. I'd be more than happy to assist.

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