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Originally Posted by yeunganson View Post
Remember, you can't transfer to frequent flyer program. The Ratio to SPG is 2:1. So you're 70,000 points turn to 35000 SPG points.

The SPG AMEX currently yields 25000 welcome and 2 SPG points/$1 spend on SPG/Mariott hotels. So if you spend

$4000 in Starwood/Mariott hotels (and eat restaurants that happen to be inside Marriott or Starwood brands) per year
$2000 in restaurants in general

The above is the equivalent to the Cobalt (500/month eating out) bonus.

Then if you stay in more in hotels or buy more of other stuff not in the bonus catagory, SPG AMEX holds the edge.

Strangely... If you rent a car, does it count as Transport?
yeah but with the SPG->FFP transfer bonus, say 666spend/month is 40'000 MR is 20'000 SPG is 25'000 FFP.

Comparing to e.g. the Amex Gold, where 666spend/month on 2X bonus is 16'000 MR = 16'000 FFP.

For SPG/Marriott spending the SPG card beats it (since 2X earning SPG > 2x earning Cobalt), but for 5X grocery/restaurant spend the Cobalt beats pretty much anything. Even after MR -> SPG (-> FFP) conversions, since it's essentially 2.5x SPG or 3.125x FFP earning on each restaurant/grocery dollar.
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