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I was terrified the first time I came here because I read the internet and newspapers. A lot of things get incorrectly reported, mainly because you not only have the city of RJ with 15MM inhabitants, but the city also exists in the state of RJ as well. So, what hits the media can inaccurately be reported as RJ, but without identifying the city or the state.

Secondly, and this is food for thought. Within a 5 block radius of my condo in Copacabana there has not been anyone killed as far back as I can remember, and I am a block from the metro. Yet, over 6-7 people have been murdered within blocks of where I used to live in downtown Calgary. Go figure........

Most reported crime that hits the media is normally in a favela and consists of rival drug gangs dealing with internal issues. I have seen stupid gringos get gold chains ripped off their necks in broad daylight while walking the beach by teenagers.........once or twice in 15 years.........but the majority of petty crimes usually happen in the north zone of the city as well, because it is poorer. Just exercise the usual common sense you would in a large metropolitan city, leave the Rolex and LV purses at home and you'll be fine.

My battery is dying so I'll answer the rest of your questions tonight when I can get to my laptop.

Hopefully Vidanapraia will chime in as well.

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