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Originally Posted by evergrn View Post
Thanks for clarifying. That actually works out to 2750HKD/night + 4th night free. That makes a lot more sense, although you still got a great deal getting that extra night for a mere 2320HKD. I'm determined to not pay more than 2800HKD per night.
Reviewing my emails again, I see that the price I listed for the first four nights included tax. So the rate was 7500 HKD for four nights before the 4th night free. After the credit, I paid 6525 HKD, including tax. The 4th night was the cheapest, so that was the actual amount credited. (Under the current rules, the credit would be the average of the four nights and does not include tax.) The extra night I added on was 2320 HKD before tax. Apologies for mixing the post- and pre-tax rates.

Total for the Stay: 8,250.00 HKD/$1,063.39 USD
4th Night Credit (including taxes): 1,725.00 HKD/$222.35 USD
Total for the Stay with 4th Night Credit Applied: 6,525.00 HKD/$841.04 USD

I don't know if I happened to find a unicorn or if rates regularly drop in late October, but if I were in your shoes, I'd keep monitoring rates until booking a nonrefundable rate elsewhere or the period to cancel without penalty expires.
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