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We're returning this Nov for 3 nights. It's not a peak period, not dates when any 5-star hotel sells out based on my experience of traveling to HK this time of the year >10 times. For the past couple months, the lowest rate (non-refundable) has been hovering around 3000-3300 HKD per night. Right now it's 3000 and I'm wondering if I should pull the trigger. It's non-refundable.

I've stayed here a few times in the past 5 years, always booking the lowest category room. I've paid anywhere from 2600-3000HKD. So I have paid 3000HKD, but to me that's really on the high end and I'm reluctant to pay that. But then I don't want to wait longer and see the rates go even higher.

To those who stay here more regularly, I'd like your advice. Should I wait it out? Do you think there's a good chance the rates go lower eventually?
I've stayed there just once, so others may have a more informed perspective. On 10/23/16 I booked a 4 night prepaid stay (11/17-21) for 8250 HKD, King Bed Superior Room. While there I needed to extend the stay by a day, so on 11/18 I added an extra prepaid night for 2320 HKD. I do not know what rates were like before 10/23, however, so this data point may be of limited value. I was happy with the price I paid.
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