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To the Moderators: I apologize if I do not link a news article correctly...

The short (and relevant) version of this story that a 13 year old girl took a Lyft out at night and later died (unrelated to the Lyft driver who took her).

The mother of the child is suing the Lyft driver because (according to the complaint) the driver should not have taken anyone unaccompanied under the age of 18.

So for prayerfully the last time: DO NOT SEND CHILDREN OUT IN UBER/LYFT.

It's not about the child being at fault. It's about the driver violating policy. As a result Uber/Lyft and all insurance companies will successfully say that because the driver broke the rules they are not responsible.

No responsibility mean that they will not pay you and you have no grounds to sue on.

YES you can sue the driver (and possibly win) but it will be the driver only.

Please please PLEASE do not send unaccompanied minors to ride in Uber/Lyft.
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