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AFAIK Oscar is a user interface developed by Amadeus that shows a slider that customers can use on the webpage, where the slider can go on a range from only miles to only cash, and prices in between mixing different amounts of miles and of cash. I have seen something like that on Lufthansa webpages, maybe I can find a photo.

The way I understand it "fares" and "methods of payment" are one and the same thing. There are five fares, each one representing a different mix of miles and cash. Anti-dilution is the floor price, which is set so as not to make the upgraded cabin too cheap to access. Airlines, and especially Air France and KLM, are obsessed with keeping access to higher cabins expensive. They want to avoid that people buy inexpensive fares in a lower class, and then use an inexpensive instrument to upgrade themselves. The same philosophy that is also behind their very restrictive upgrade policies for passengers that are not friends and family of the crew.

What I don't know but would find interesting to know: does this mean that upgrades can now be bought by everybody? Wasn't it the case that until now that offers for upgrades would only go out by mail to selected passengers?
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