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I already use BoA TravelRewards as my main card when purchasing anything from categories that my other cards don't earn a higher bonus on, so I wouldn't mind adding another card with the same benefits that earns even more points for travel and dining. My problem is that it's going be hard for me to offset the $95 annual fee. According to the fine print, the $100 airline incidental credit seems to only apply to domestic airlines. Most of my travel these days are on international airlines. Also, the TSA Pre Check and Global Entry reimbursement is useless for me, because all of my family members have NEXUS, which includes TSA PreCheck and Global Entry, yet none of the Visa Signature or Visa Infinite cards seem to allow reimbursement for NEXUS.
I really want to know if there is a way around having to use the incidental travel credit of $100 a year for incidentals. I'd love to see some DPs. I know the T&C specifically say you can't use it for gift cards from the airlines, but there's gotta be another way! I'm thinking of the MPE gift card hack with the WF Propel for example (before they shut it down)
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