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Originally Posted by snaxmuppet View Post
I have now heard back from BA Holidays regarding this additional charge...

They claim that Avis do not have a 15 hour grace period and that as I collected the car the next day that I have gone onto the standard, non-contracted, daily rate.

BA Holidays have refused to refund me the additional charge.

I am sooo angry! What else was I to do? I called Avis to ask the question in order not to incur additional charges, I get told I have 15 hrs and then they slap a 915 addition charge on me for following their advice.

I am at a loss really as to where to go from here. It is basically their word against mine as I did not get it in writing and I suspect that they won't be able to find the recording of the telephone conversation.

I want to take this further but who should I take it to? I paid with a visa debit card (to avoid the CC fees on a 7000 holiday)... should I in the first place charge-back on my visa debit card or try complaining elsewhere first?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.
I know this is a long shot but did you, by any chance, pay the deposit on a credit card? If so, then you could still make a section 75 claim through the credit card even if you paid the remaining balance on a different debit card. However, the onus would still be upon you to demonstrate that you were incorrectly charged (which might be difficult if you have nothing in writing).
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