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Originally Posted by mikesyr18 View Post
It's $95 a year, give me a break.

It's not like you're dropping $550 like with the AMEX Platinum.
I agree that $95 isn't a lot, but if I can't take advantage of any of the restrictive statement credits, then a lot of other cards out there make more sense. Even the CSR makes more sense at $150 ($450 - $300 travel statement credit), since you get Priority Pass and essentially 4.5% on travel and dining when redeemed through the Chase website vs. 3.5% on the BoA card if you're Platinum Honors.

Even the CSP at $95 seems like a better deal, especially since you get 1:1 point transfer to various partners.

I currently have the US Bank Altitude Reserve, which is $75 ($400 - $325 travel statement credit) and includes Priority Pass. It doesn't give any bonuses for dining, but I currently use that card for all of my airline, hotel, and mobile wallet purchases, since you get 4.5% towards travel purchases when redeemed through their website.

If BoA opened up their airline incidental credit to include international airlines or other travel expenses, I would definitely apply for it just to reduce the number of cards I have to carry.
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