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Originally Posted by Gabrca View Post

FA: "Chicken or Pasta?"
Me: "What sort of pasta is it?"
FA: *Audible Sigh*
FA:"Uh, some sort of bowtie thing"
Me:"Sorry, do you know what type of sauce is on it"
FA:*Louder audible sigh*
FA:"No, I didn't stick my finger in it. Do you want chicken or pasta?"
Originally Posted by Rebob View Post
Lot's of interesting opinions on this one.

What I have found, especially in the current environment, is that it helps to be proactive and pleasant. The OP probably didn't care about the type of pasta (though we don't know that from the post) but did care, as so many have pointed out, about the sauce. In that case, rephrasing the original question to "what type of sauce is on the pasta?" may have elicited an informative response and eliminated all of the angst expressed in these 9 or so pages to date.

I'm certainly not trying to blame the OP in any way, I just find it helpful to be specific with the questions I ask. It tends to receive a more accurate response. A smile and a little congeniality have never hurt (oh there was that one time...).
The issue is more staffing. You can't compare UA/DL/AA to the likes of CX/JL/QR etc. Foreign carriers staff well over FAA minimums to provide a higher FA to passenger ratio.

With such low staffing in most cases they have 2 people handing out meals for ~260 passengers. Split that out and each has to give out 130 meals, ideally as quick as possible. Even at 30 second for each person that is still over an hour to get everyone a meal. Throw in some crazy, off the wall questions and it may not be as easy as just "chicken or pasta".
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