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Originally Posted by SvenAge View Post
No, what I'm doing is categorising behaviour on a flight that may explain why people in the service industry do not behave as perfect as they may be expected to. It isn't to justify perceived poor performance, but to suggest that things aren't black and white, like the majority here may be claiming. I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt if at all possible. While you might claim the FA didn't do that in this instance, when people are time pressured and stressed, they can behave irrationally. I'm suggesting the environment in which the service was held was likely to have had a number of contributing factors, which, when I think about it, can easily explain why the FA may have been 'off hand'. That is because I think people have unrealistic expectations of one another and I find this one-sized approach a little bit silly. I've seen FA treated poorly and others in the service industry and I have a lot of sympathy for them. Who didn't have a bad day? To say that they're in a safety critical role and therefore shouldn't (as others have said) make an 'off the cuff' remark seems to really be quite over the top in my opinion.
This I agree with. Others in this thread have tried to suggest that the OP was asking for something over-the-top by asking what sauce was on the pasta.

I do agree, however, that, while the FA was out of line and rude, sometimes people are just stressed out, or their mother is sick, or they're missing a kid's birthday...I think we can have compassion for that, and still expect that they won't snap at us.
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