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Originally Posted by SvenAge View Post
Fixed it for you. Because the text you removed was literally the clarification that the OP issued to the flight attendant—"What kind of sauce..."—which precipitated the "I didn't stick my finger in it" response.

I understand that you're not trying to say the OP was wrong, but you are brining up examples and hypotheticals unrelated to the situation in a way that allows you to group the OP's completely within-bounds question that the FA could take one quick look at the dish to answer.

I spend lots of time in restaurants, in hotels, on airlines in Europe and the UK, and I've asked many people some basic questions about how a dish is prepared. People have always been gracious. So I do find the idea that in Europe and the UK, asking a basic question about what kind of sauce comes on a plate of pasta is akin to demanding Michelin Star service and is justifiably met with indifference or rudeness, to be preposterous.

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