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Ryanair are thieves in my opinion

Hi Everyone!

A bit of a rant and I'd really appreciate any constructive ideas if you have any!

Back at the start of June (more than three months ago), I had a return flight with Ryanair (on the same ticket) from Rome to Barcelona. The out-bound flight was normal and uneventful.

However, for the return flight from Barcelona to Rome....

- I paid for my seat, priority boarding and checked in online and obtained my boarding pass.

- At the airport, I went through security as normal, my boarding pass scanned valid and green at the check-point and all was uneventful.

- At the gate, priority boarding began, my boarding pass scanned red and I was told to stand aside, waiting until every other person has boarded the plane with no explanation.

- Then I was told that my boarding pass had been cancelled and that I could not board the plane, again, with no explanation.

- I was told that the gate agent could not help and I had to leave the secure area of the airport and go to the Ryanair Ticket Office outside.

- I have never been spoken to so rudely by a person as I was this gentleman (gentle?). He told me he couldn't help because he was only "representing" Ryanair and not working directly for them (even though he was sitting in the Ryanair Ticket Office). That he could do nothing for me and that I must contact Ryanair on their website. I asked for my rights for denied boarding under EU Regulation 261/2004 (meal vouchers, hotel, new flight, etc) and he said he couldn't help.

- As it was the last flight of the day (after 21:00), Ryanair online was closed. It was a weekend and online chat didn't re-open until after the weekend.

- So, I had to book a hotel online suddenly myself, take a taxi there, buy all my meals and book a flight myself the next day (with Alitalia, it was the cheapest I could find).

- Putting it nicely, I was almost in tears. It was an extremely distressing experience in a foreign-language country with no help from Ryanair and no rights given.

- I filed a claim immediately with Ryanair to re-imburse my costs. I have received a claim investigation number.

- It's now been almost four months and I haven't received any reply, nor any re-imbursement. When I contact Ryanair, they say they are still investigating! So, I put in an official complaint with AESA (the representative in Spain for EU Regulation 261/2004). I'm told this can take up to another three months with no binding outcome!

- I'm in complete shock and would appreciate any of your help greatly. I'm over 500 in debt from this and for me, that's a huge amount of much needed funds. I have no idea what to do. It's very distressing.

Thank you all so much sincerely for reading and I'd really appreciate any advice.

Please all have a wonderful day.
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