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Originally Posted by poisonsag View Post
I have recently made few big transaction with my chase CC (~$7,000) and i have cash on my hand that i want to use for this bill. Would that be raised as a red flag in any way?

I did something similar 3-4 years back and i paid $10,000 towards a CC via cash,

With ~7k should this be a concern or issue?

Are you saying you have credit cards you can charge 7-10K on but DON'T have a bank account?

If you have a bank account, simply deposit the 7K to that account, and then pay the Chase CC from that account.

If this makes you nervous for some reason you need to ask yourself, (and answer to yourself 3 questions).

#1 : What are you trying to hide?

#2 : Who are you trying to hide it from?

#3 : "WHY" are you trying to hide it?
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