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Originally Posted by worldiswide View Post
What property are you staying in?
We are going to a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I'm doing my Diamond challenge so I'd like to stay in Hilton properties as much as possible. Now I'm looking at Hilton San Francisco Financial District, DT at Campbell-Pruneyard plaza, Embassy Suites at San Luis Obispo and Hilton at LAX. Do you have any other good properties to recommend on the way?

As a newbie, I have two more questions.
1. I know it's double points promotion now. How many points I can get per dollar spend as a Diamond (in training)? I think it's 50, is that correct?

2. Since I'm going to book two rooms including the other couple. They are not enrolled at all and they don't care. Will I be able to get points and night credit for the 2nd room? I believe you can get credit for up to 3 rooms in SPG. How is Hilton?

Thank you.
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