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Originally Posted by CPRich View Post
Because if there's anything we've learned over the years on FT, it's that making vague threats to company agents that have absolutely nothing to do with what you're talking about is a great way to have them treat you the way you are hoping.

I guess it's the same thought process as "hey, I won't tell the people I'm travelling with about their options. That'll help me too!"

Interesting routing.
My summary of the interaction with something like what might have really happened:

Dude: Hey, I'd really like to change to an earlier flight even though I didn't buy a fare that can be changed that way.

Agent: <types, looks stuff up> I'm sorry sir, I cannot change this ticket to an earlier flight for you.

Dude: But I looked stuff up and I'm really doing you a favor by changing and I deserve this change even though I didn't pay for it because I'm extra special. Plus your rules are stupid so you should just change them for me (but not other people). Ok?

Agent: I'm sorry sir, I still can't change your flight.

Dude: DYKWIA! Treat me with the deference I deserve. You're just an agent. You know how much money I spend? Me and important people like me pay for your cute little salary. If we don't get the treatment we want, anything could happen . . . How do you like this job?

Agent: still, I'm sorry, nothing has changed from what I told you a minute ago. You'll need to board your originally scheduled flight.

Dude: I'm always the best customer. You know, I could've royally f*cked up a delayed flight even more the other day by telling lots of people to demand the compensation they could get. But I didn't do it because I just wanted to board at last even though I knew. Next time I'm telling everyone and I'm going to be a thorn in your side. Don't f-ing mess with me or I'll mess you up next time.

Agent: Sorry sir, extortion attempts don't work for me. I can't move you to another flight. I feel like a broken record here. I can reprint your boarding pass if you like? <reprints pass and hands it to dude>

​​​​​​​Dude: <walks away with pass> Ssss? That f-ing b*tch! I'm never flying AA or any airline ever again.
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