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...As to all those who blame me for not having spread around EC261 info to perfect strangers (travel companions by coincidence), 1) there was absolutely no intention at the time not to, as explained earlier, it was a situation in progress, and 2) how do you think AA would have reacted to my holding a Press Conference on the matter to 200+ people? Passengers have been dragged off planes for far less...
You're the one that brought it up, both to the agent (hoping to extort the change you were looking for,) and here, in an attempt to show that your statement was the motivation for the agent allegedly giving you SSSS-- which, as pointed out by other posters, is not what happened:

Originally Posted by Cofyknsult View Post
...I mentioned to the Flagship FC agent that courtesies were a 2 way street, that I had just previously been delayed 30 hours in early August between Manchester and New York, that I had requested and obtained compensation as per EC 261 but that I had not informed any of my traveling companions of the regulation, which they did not know about, during the 5 hours wait at the gate, and that I would most likely not be so discrete the next time. She seemed very interested and gave me a boarding pass for my flight with the mention "SSSS" ("Potentially suspicious passenger, Hold at gate for secondary inspection").

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