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Originally Posted by svasandani View Post
Thanks for the detailed explanation.

However, I recently experienced something for which I don't have an explanation.

I made a booking of 2 rooms for 2 nights in March at a hotel that was going up from Cat 5 to Cat 6. I used 50K points and 2 free night certs (one from my account and one from my wife's account. I don't exactly remember but I think there were 3 separate reservations. One for each cert usage and 3rd one for 2 nights at 50K. Since I made the booking around midnight on last day i noticed they deducted 60K points. I called customer service about the discrepancy and they gave me a courtesy credit of 10K points.

Unfortunately my plans changed due to a family emergency about 2 weeks before the stay so I had to call and cancel all 4 nights (2 rooms, 2 nights). About a week later I checked my accounts and my balance had gone up by 110K points. Not exactly sure how the credits were processed for nights and certs but everything went to my account. Also, at the time i was not looking into lifetime totals so I don't know what it did to my lifetime points balance.
My answer was all under normal situation. When Marriott agent got involved, there are many situation where "strange" things will happen. For example, the info discussed in the Travel Package thread about a 7-night cert will return as 45K instead of back as a cert.

In your situation, the strange part to me will be that your wife cert got return to your account and I believe that is your question as well. And to test it out, all you need to do is make a CAT 5 reward booking at some hotel for some future dates, attached the cert, and then cancel it right afterward. You will notice the cert will just put back to your account.
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