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Originally Posted by CaroFos View Post
I was allowed to use FT security on 18th aug. OWE and CE So not sure which, or if both, waved the magic wand. However, I had nearly lost the will to live checking in my bag and the q at border control at C gates was awful - so Good luck with that.
You have encapsulated so pithily my own experiences in that queue. I have now become a regular at AGP and shudder at the prospect. Although coming from W of AGP, I actually think that it is sometimes easier / quicker / less stressful to drive past AGP to GRX.

Last time I stood in the stationary CE queue (25 mins to process the 6 pax in front of us), watching enviously as the neighbouring cattle class Aer Lingus (?) queue zipped along at lightning speed.

And then, don't start me on the time that it takes the unsmiling lounge dragon to process people entering the lounge ..... Although maybe lounge visits are going to become a thing of the past, given the vagaries of the C pier passport queue and how much time one has to allow for it
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