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Originally Posted by CalanMan View Post
Not to be pedantic here...

But if you feel that the only places where AS has a network advantage over WN is where WN doesn't fly at all, then they also have an advantage in Alaska, Canada, and why not throw Costa Rica in as well. Alaska may be at a disadvantage in California, but that's still a silly assertion to make, even ignoring markets like the PNW, where a debate could actually be had.
I would add Canada to that list too. It looks like that's not a priority for WN.

I don't think Cali to Alaska is a important market and same with Costa Rica. AS certainly has an advantage to PNW. I just saw Hawaii as a very large advantage where Californians fly to and WN wasn't involved.

WN has everyone dominated in the intra-california market or important nearby locations like LAS, DEN, PHX, Texas.
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