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I agree with others and I think you should take care of that before the trip - otherwise you're gonna be worried about it until the day of and will put a damp on your vacation.

As others also mentioned, flying in La Premiere with an infant sounds like a terrible idea. This is indeed a very exclusive and serene place, and people will HATE you there if you have a screaming child (and understandably so when they paid 6-10k for their ticket). This will make for a very unpleasant flight for not just them but also for you as you'll have to deal with even more judgment than in other classes.
Additionally, unless you are used to fly La Premiere often and so the novelty has worn out for you, it's really an experience that has so many things to enjoy and take advantage of that having an infant with you will probably prevent you to do so.
So I'd say go in business, and maybe save the La Premiere trip for a couple thing.
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