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From what I see here, there's a requirement for an extra ticket that you don't have. So I see a few possibilities:

- They'll allow it (not sure how likely this is as it's clearly stated)
- You can't board until you buy an extra ticket against current max-fare price at the airport ($$$$$), as you're missing a ticket for 1 passenger. Subject to availability.
- You get a downgrade as you say, but you're risking availability here as well. Chance is that you'll get stranded on a later flight because J is full.

Honestly, I wouldn't risk it. I'd just call and ask what the options are. They're not just going to blindly cancel your ticket because you ask for information on what you can do.

edit: but I do agree here with the others. Having a 15 month old infant in F.., I wouldn't be happy (bit of an understatement) as a fellow PAX in that cabin.

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