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Originally Posted by cat0 View Post
Yes, this is indeed rather worrying. I was going to fly into LBA, but instead chose MAN for the better flight times.

I'm still going to go ahead and at least attempt the flight. I'll have my old passport with me, along with all my documentation (as a result of going to the US Embassy). Hopefully it'll work out at MAN.

I am more worried about coming back (LBA/NCL-(LHR-)DUB). Turning up in another country without a passport makes me a little nervous, but I'll be flying into DUB a few days before and so will confirm with an officer there just to make sure. I'll also have all my BPs, so I'll be able to show I was already in Ireland. Worst case, they deny boarding and then I hop on a flight to Belfast and take the train down instead.

Thanks everyone!
No need to worry I know people that fly EI to various UK airports and back to DUB on a regular basis and only use their driving license as ID. You will always get these isolated incidents usually by staff who either are ignorant of the rules or on a power trip. Either way it never fails to shock me how ignorant people are outside of ROI/NI about the CTA.

If you did happen to get someone who wants to make an issue of it just tell them you checked the rules with the airline and authorities before traveling. The problems from the isolated incidents seem to be on arrival back in the UK.
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