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Originally Posted by mrcamp View Post
... Also, as I recollect, Callcentric and VOIPms charge significantly more for calling these numbers vs regular UK mobile numbers.

Edit- I just checked callcentric and VOIPms. They both list $0.26 and $0.38 for calling these numbers respectively, Vs 2.7 cents and $0.13 for calling regular UK mobiles.
I have no experience with callcentric and VOIPms. What about calling from regular cellphones?

FWIW, I just checked 07466 and found:
Which network uses 07466 numbers?

07466 numbers are officially allocated to Lycamobile for mobile phone services.

All 07466 numbers will have originally been issued to customers by Lycamobile. However, customers are free to take their number with them when they change networks which means that an 07466 number is not a reliable indicator of which network a phone is currently connected to.

Call charges

These are normal mobile numbers and will usually be charged at standard rates.

Some phone companies exclude calls to 07466 numbers from inclusive call allowances – check your tariff details before calling.
Most of that text also applies to 07438, so is presumably a caveat message. (Check rates.)
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