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The odds for something like this to occur is rather low/non-existent. Sure, it certainly could have happened on the past to someone, be it for being nice, sweet talk its way to the agent, assisted the agent in some form, was having a bad day and the agent decided to help out, etc. Problem is that the odds for this to be manipulated in your favor is almost non-existing considering the # of people that travel every day who are caught up in similar situations and want to be upgraded just like you, elite travelers that are eligible for upgrades currently on wait list for it, last minute travelers that purchase bus/first class seats, displaced travelers that need to be re-accommodated due to travel disruptions on their designated flights.

This is one of those "urban legends" out there, as it typically starts with someone referring to another person who got upgraded. I myself, in all my years of travelling have not been the recipient of such, nor have I witnessed it or known someone that got it as well. I've have received un-requested upgrades, in AA, BA, B6, but that was due mostly because the flight was full and they had to move some travelers in order to accommodate others, I was also a low/middle level elite with them as well which certainly help out as most likely I would the next in line.

I see that what got you into FT was the thread on the $20 Vegas suite sandwich trick, coincidentally that was the same one for me as well. I can honestly say that I have indeed tried that trick as well and has worked for me, as much as I have seen others tried as well with different results. I also have received suites upgrades in Vegas without using this trick as well.

Seems to me that for better service/product in either airlines, hotels, car, etc. you are better off either booking what you want up-front, take advantage of deals, analyze/value the options available as sometimes the upgraded product could be cheaper, equal or a few $ more than the standard product. Patronizing a certain provider and becoming a member of their program. Companies like repeat customers and if they value your business they will show some love your way.

Good luck with your upgrade, it doesn't hurt to try, as the worst that can happen is they will say no.
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