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Originally Posted by JALPak View Post
You are violating JMB T&C if you redeem for a friend. FTers who assist you with such redemption will be violating FT T&C.
Maybe you did misunderstand something. I am not asking anybody to help me book something here. I am just asking if my spouse wanna use her miles for my own ticket, if that would be ok and if so how does the process of redeeming it look like? Do they call her then to verify it or is it like using her United miles for my flights?


Ok I found it in the t&c:

"Awards may be used by only the Member and the following individuals designated by the Member ("Designated Users"):
Member's spouse, Member's parents, Member's grandparents, Member's siblings, Member's siblings' spouses, Member's children, Member's children's spouses, Member's grandchildren, Member's grandchildren's spouses, Member's spouse's parents, Member's spouse's grandparents, Member's spouse's siblings, spouse of Member's brothers and sisters-in-law.
When a Designated User intends to use an award, JAL may request the Designated User to submit official documents verifying his/her relationship with the Member."

So basically I can use her miles for my own travel. But can I actually use her miles to get her, two of our friends and myself (4 persons) award tickets on the same flight?
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