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Originally Posted by darthbimmer View Post
DL-Don already addressed this separately, estimating that 80-85% of his nights are BIB. Even so, 2800 BIB nights is not difficult for hard-core road warriors to accumulate. A traveling consultant can easily log 200 nights a year. With long projects and weekend stay-overs 300 is reasonable. 10 years of that puts you right in the neighborhood.
On my current trajectory, I will match the number of nights in 5 years or so... which includes rollover nights. I stay 200 nights a year typically, which gives me around 325 nights a year with the rollover from previous year. It is certainly possible to hit these numbers in a relatively short period of time (10 years or so) being a road warrior. The exceptional points total means he was staying at the higher end Marriott properties compared to me (I'm a CY and FI monger for the most part). I will only have 50% - 70% of his points total when I hit that # of nights. This puts my approximate number of BIB nights at around 70% (based on current years, and some prior years where my total nights were 100% BIB nights).
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