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Originally Posted by ycc777 View Post
Thank you. The reason I mentioned about the bus was because of what the pilot said about the two possibilities of staying at a local hotel or to DUS. We weren't sure which bus to take because there were no sign or anyone to ask. There was another flight diverted there as well, so there were actually buses left and came after us.

There was no provision of why we were delayed. The FCO airport operated normally during that time though.

I was later told that DUS has a curfew so it wasn't heading to DUS right at takeoff. It would make more sense to accommodate us at Rome instead of making this extra long red-eye trip.
Whether DUS was closed is irrelevant, the sole question is what caused the delay in departure such that the aircraft could not make DUS by closing time.

If you don't know, just file a claim. You may be assured that if the delay was for an "extraordinary circumstance" that you will hear from AB and have your claim denied.
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