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To add to this, on arrival into AGP, there are new-ish electronic border gates, if they are open on your arrival. There should be 2 queues for the border gates, one for the historic man with hat in hut checking passports and the other for the new electronic passport gates.

Again its not well organised and may take some initiative to sort this out on your own self, if you are brave! Being in CE you have the advantage of getting off first. However if there is another flight arrival just before yours then you may find yourself at the back of an already long queue. It's a rather long corridor leading to passport control and it was roped in half for manual check or electronic check.

If you are travelling with a partner it maybe worth sending someone up to the check point to see what the situation is with manual or electronic systems being used and then decide from there. Hopefully you're lucky and there is no queue. Again other more regulars may know better.
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