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Originally Posted by GCab View Post
Can I ask what this actually means, in practice? Flying LGW-AGP at beginning of Sept and other than reading about Schengen mayhem in the papers (with Malaga listed as a problem hotspot) I'm not sure what to do about it. Flying back from AGP on a Sat (Sep 9th) on BA2715 (14.10) - any advice when we should get there?

Will CE/Fast Track help in any way with the current passport issues if we manage to get in, or is it only in the bag security queue that it makes any difference? (travelling hand luggage only, so no manual check-in)

If CE then you will have access to Premium Security lanes at LGW next to the Bloc Hotel entrance. Upstairs from check in zones. The security lanes only check boarding passes and then your personal belongings. There is no passport check at this stage, unless this has changed? Passport checks are normally done at the Gate, you will see the queue alongside the walking escalators for this. Feel free to try to get the front for CE queue, if you can stomach the 'tuts' and 'looks' from the rest of pax!

As hand baggage only you should be through security and into the new lounges with 15mins. Depending on time of day and day itself. Others can verify this.

As for departing AGP, someone above has said Fast Track is now available for CE or status pax? I normally arrive within plenty of time, 2-3hrs, as I enjoy lounge time and AGP security is bit of a crowd gathering organised chaos, especially if theres the last of the summer holiday makers heading back! If Hand baggage only then 1hr 45 is comfortable enough to get you from security to gate with the possibility of some lounge time too.

However it maybe the case that border control in front of C gates can be quite a long queue in summer season, so I would recommend leaving enough time for this. I'm actually returning the day before you so may give an update if I can on this. So overall CE/Fast track doesn't help with passport queues but does help for security queues at AGP.

Feel free to correct any of this should others who are more regular or recent on this route know any different or have updates.

Hope this helps.

Safe flying.
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