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Originally Posted by peterk814 View Post
My point is, 2-3 lbs is a write off. That shouldn't decide what bag youre going to buy vs functionality.

And I agree if you cant physically lift your own bag into the overhead you shouldnt be packing it with that much stuff
Weight is part of a bag's functionality. The only thing I can't get in a < 6.5 lb wheeled (even 4 wheeled) bag is probably a suiter sleeve or more hardy materials suitable for repeated checking. Low weight and carrying comfort becomes even more critical to me when it is non-wheeled bag as I will be carrying it on my body, possibly standing in a long non-moving line, crowded urban areas, or terrain not suited to wheels.

2-3 lbs could be 10-15% of allowed carry-on weight on some carriers. I would prefer not to have to pull out the contents and wear them or try to fit a laptop/toiletries in my pockets. It can make sense to re-shift some weight towards the front or waist when doing long treks with a non-wheeled bag.
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