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Originally Posted by nesnith
Unfortunately, they are not honoring mine. I received a confirmation PNR (booked directly through ANA's website), but no e-ticket was issued at the time of purchase. ANA service desk admitted the fare was a mistake, and won't issue the ticket for me unless I pay the correct fare.
Updating my own post:

My original booking was also in the "Purchased/not ticketed" state. My first call to ANA over the weekend resulted in the phone agent saying they will not honor the fare. The price on the reservation was subsequently altered to $4000+.

Today, I received a voicemail from the ANA US office saying they will indeed honor the fare, and asked me to call the 1-800 number to confirm the booking. I provided payment info over the phone, and my itinerary was then confirmed and ticketed.

This was a nice surprise! ^ An honorable, above-and-beyond gesture!
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