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Originally Posted by csong825 View Post
Long time reader but not very active on this forum. However, I've benefitted greatly from this site and its contributors so I thought I'd post about my experience.

Earlier tonight, I was able to book 2 tickets in J, JFK-DXB(stopover)-BKK(destination)-DXB(layover)-MXP(stopover)-JFK. Can confirm 100k miles per person. Tax was about $123 per person.

Just an FYI, I tried booking for myself and my fiancée. I had transferred 80k SPG points each to my JMB and my fiancees's JMB account. When I tried to book two tickets using 2 JMB accounts, they had to call my fiancee to confirm her info and the itinerary and they also needed two CC's (one under each name) to pay for the taxes. It was no big deal but it would probably be best to call with your SO by your side if you are in a similar situation.

Otherwise, the JMB agent was very competent and pleasant. I will say that there seems to be phantom availability on Quantas and EF. JMB agent was only able to see one flight a day for a particular route despite several routes that come up as available on Quantas and EF.

In the end, no big deal. I was able to more or less book a decent itinerary and obviously it is an amazing value.

Also re: changes and cancellations. Cancellations can be made right up until departure. The fees were about $30 per person. Changes can be made 2 days prior to departure. No change fees but you do have to pay the difference in taxes, if any.
That's awesome, congrats! And thanks for the detailed refresh-datapoint

Totally off-topic, but a routing like that might make for a fascinating study in lifestyle-creep: does the shower (or having access to it) on the last MXP-JFK feel as special (given that it would be the 5th one) as the first JFK-DXB does if one has never flown EK F before? or does ennui set in really quickly?
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