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Originally Posted by Skywalker505 View Post

I stopped checking baggage years ago and then ditched the carry-on bags with wheels. I can travel for weeks with a 3lb-4lb bag or pack and, if I really want to go all out, I may also carry a personal item on board. As I said, my idea of a "perfect" bag (as that B&R bag was described) is not a rigid one with wheels and a handle that weighs in excess of 9lbs empty.

I am really looking forward to flying with the new Goruck GR3 at the end of the year, when it is released. It is a 45L backpack that is built like a tank and weighs 4lbs. I also enjoy flying with the 45L Tom Bihn Aeronaut, which weighs 3lbs or, on shorter trips, the 30L Aeronaut, which weighs about 2.5lbs. That's my idea of "perfect". If you want to argue the point further, knock your self out.
Well said!

Just to add a few airlines that have weighed my cabin bag as a matter of policy:

China Air
Singapore Air

The bottom line, imo, is that flying is stressful so I try to minimize the physical stress of it as much as I can.
That way, when irrops happen I have the energy to smile and speak politely.
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