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Originally Posted by mromalley View Post
Thanks for the links. I was very disappointed when Carapina closed their shop on Via dei Chiavari, next to Forno Roscoli.

I can vouch for Pico Gelato & Otaleg from that list

A few tips to tell if a gelato shop is selling the real thing. Any yes'es and it should be a red flag
Are there 101 different flavours?
Are the gelatos brightly colored?
Is the pistachio bright green?

Katie Parla hasn't done a top list for 2017, but she has a 2016 & 2015 list

I like Gelateria del Teatro, Fatamorgana & Fior di Luna
Fattamorgana is where I tried black rice with rose buds. Katie Parla doesn't post that much any more. She is mainly focusing on writing books, and just posts occasionally, unfortunately.
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