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IC Amstel

IC Amstel, Amsterdam

Were you (or for multi-stayers are you generally) happy with the hotel/stay? Mostly, but impacted by noise during both checkin day and 8am next morning

Which room did you book and which upgrade did you receive?
o Booked Exec City View (award 50k) 3-4weeks out
o Modded next day to Exec River View
o Modded day before arrival RV Exec Suite

How are the rooms?
New room RV Suite Room for me (402)..usually I get 202 or 422 if RV Suite
o 402 Slightly smaller than 422, and obviously other end of hoel
o same furnishings other than no chair+footstool in bedroom part, plus TV unit up on dividing wall to room 401 rather than by windows.
o Minibar in cabinet in bedroom as against living room (402 v 422)

How is the exec. lounge?
NA (But Amstel provides Club Experience for now)
o As award night had to pay 76euro to receive Club here this visit (my first award in 2years or so after 8or more paid nights in a row here)
o Club Experience in it's second iteration (modified) benefits letter in July versus April
1. Line offering coffee/tea/sodas in tearoom removed
2. Line allowing mininbar non-alcoholic drinks (ie water+sodas) is added
3. 2x Rates for Club epoerience i)midweek Mon-Thu 76 (Amb + RA) 105 others
4. W/End Club rate is I think 150Euro
(annoying as RA is same rate as Ambassadors, am used to small discount sometimes eg IC Berlin)
5. A-Bar has 3x pre-printed 6-8pm canape lists rotated daily
(6-8pm, Drinks = Wine, Moet, Beers but have to pay for any cocktails)

Did you receive a welcome gift?
o Luggage tag, Metal plate with metal cord (similar to Cathay Pacific offering of a few years ago)
o Fruit Selection (Apple, Banana, orange, pear, grapes)

How was the minibar?
o Same as always, BUT IC Amstel is switching sodas from bottles to Cans
o When asked was told it was for Environmental reasons
(I guess cans crush+recycle easier compared to PET bottles)

What was good and what was bad?

o Upgrade + minibar RA benefit on award stay
(in effect no change since IC Amstel sold, but was my first award night here since the sale, though multiple paid nights)

o Checkin letter said no hotwater 01:00 - 05:00 ... Terrible as started returning from night out in Amsterdam 00:30 (as usual)
o Letter incorrect, not no hot water BUT no water at all, no flushing toilets, no washing hands
o Renovations.. spotted scaffolding+dust-sheets over front of building l/h/s upto middle (was not aware scaffolding w/o sheets still around in front of x02 Suites).
o Had banging throughout checkin day. Thought was from front cityview side of building and as in corner room 402 thought all rooms same. I should have asked for move to 422 !
o Banging again 8am next morning FAR TOO EARLY ! ! (Really Annoyed)
(mentioned on checkout, initially told would knock of breakfast cost, until i said breakfast part of Club experience 76euro upsell, and nothing offered)

o Amstel did not mention Club Experience (or lack) at checkin or try to upsell. I eventually asked in my room and manager could not even tell me the upsell $$$ fee
o 1 litre evian bottle provided as taps off 0100-0500 (along side usual 0.5ltr bottle).... I used evian to wash before bed !

Value for $ or Priority Club Points?
o 50k not as good as old 40k, but room as lateish booking was 480++ (versus 400++ I usually get) and released/returned award 50k night made sense
o 76Euro Club-Experience... (good for 2ppn) on solo stay is marginal as I give afternoon tea a miss, so 3-4 glasses Moet plus breakfast (and I am simple and happy as coffee+toast person). Decided to skip upsell for solo award night stays here

Would you return?[/QUOTE]
With ongoing building work, and impact of noise this visit, a resounding no return vote for rest of the 12month restoration project
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