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Mixed feelings of my recent award NAP-IST-DYU/return.

Cramped euro scammy business seat on the 2 outbounds (IST-DYU is almost 5h), no reserved J bus on all flights and even no gate priority boarding on 2/4 segments.

Now thinking that this exotic destination retails over 2.200€ in J basically means paying a premium for a free seat next to me.
Glad I had it on award.

On the other hand the crew on all flights couldnt have been more professional and caring.
To the extend of arguing with a J pax that let his kids scurring the aisle from Y disturbing the cabin for a good hour, or on the IST-NAP segment profusely apologising seat by seat that one of the rear toilet was down and they had to allow the front one to be used by Y pax.

Food is still good, but it's clearly getting repetitive.

When you get 2 times the same choice out merely 4 flights there's something wrong.
Lounge is still very good, but I can't see myself eating the same eggplant overcooked rigatoni or grilled meat after 4 years (and no, the "Thai" offer is insulting).

Operations at Ataturk are still a nightmare, no movements reductions can help at this point.
The 3xx gates are an insult to decency and a perfect 3rd world human hoarding experience.

Had a 8h stop on the way back, and no nap room in the lounge for me.
So reluctantly decided to use the free hotel offer by TK.
Reluctantly cause had to undergo the unpleasant immigration line, which for fast track means that you share the line with the crew members, and they have priority over normal pax. So when a wave of 20 crew arrived at the desk I was next in line but had to wait 3 of these waves before my turn.

The hotel for me was the Reinassance, in a separated van than other Y pax, assigned to other hotels.
Honestly a stop over can't get any better with a room looking the Bosphorus, followed by a breakfast, followed by a pool swim and then basking in the sun for a few hours before heading back to airport.

The story repeats. This airline is a pure concept of love/hate.
Avoid it in winter and things seem to work quite well after all.
I came to the conclusion to enjoy their inconsistencies.
Mistery adds up excitement and sense or discovery.
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