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Originally Posted by snail View Post
not beach. I cant swim.
not mountain. I have Achilles tendon problems so cant walk/hike miles.
um.. no, did not consider medical!
So you potentially might need to put into equation medical costs as well.

Originally Posted by snail View Post
How expensive is Malaysia?
don't have any specifics of 'living' besides must have Internet
Answer is 'it depends'. You definitely won't have any language problem in many major cities - KL, Ipoh, Melaka, Johor, Kuching, KK, etc.
The problem is that you 'might' find life quite... drab. Especially if you want to minimize costs on living expenses and as a result staying at outskirts instead of places where most 'life' happens.

Secondly, while you have desire to get away from winter, you might are not ready to deal with the local realities in terms of weather - at least for most of Malaysia it is 90-92F during the day, 84-86F during night with 80% of humidity. 365 days. And during Dec-March period it rains. 2-4h every day/night. You either get used to it or find yourself confined into air conditioned places all the time. Which with the same success you can do in US as well.

While Vietnam is cheaper, language is still a barrier and then there is another thing - due to the fact that you are a westerner you most likely will be considered as a walking ATM for locals. Well unless you have a local person who accompanies you all the time. Plus navigating street traffic in Saigon for person who did not grew up there might be an impossible task. I've seen western tourists stuck at sidewalk for 20 minutes unable to cross the street.
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