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Originally Posted by sbm12 View Post
What lifestyle do you plan to lead (type of housing, beach/city/mountains, etc.)? Travel a lot in the region or stay put?

A couple thousand dollars per month can go a long way but it can take a little extra up front to get situated. Moving to a new location adds costs typically.
not beach. I cant swim.
not mountain. I have Achilles tendon problems so cant walk/hike miles.

for the 1st time there, I'll stay put to get accustomed to the area.

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Side note: 'mid-40s' and 'retire in couple of years' in my world do not usually go together unless you have enough money to afford not to work for next 40-something years starting from now.

Regarding the question - did OP also asked if he considers if cost of living includes other stuff like medical expenses as well, if required? What are requirements for amenities?

With 'English only' requirement the only two counties fit - Malaysia and Singapore. Singapore and 'cheap' can be used only with relation to hawker center food, nothing else.

With Malaysia price tag is certainly cheaper comparing to Singapore and US but it still be more expensive than any other country in the region.

It would definitely help to know the specifics of 'living' and on what money is going to be spent.
um.. no, did not consider medical!
wow.. might not retire in a couple of years.

How expensive is Malaysia?

don't have any specifics of 'living' besides must have Internet
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