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Originally Posted by redadeco View Post
Not that attractive for BA folks, you can't squeeze in any >2000mi segments on this one. No way to get anything <$2/TP.

LAX-SJU/PTY/MGA are great deals for BAEC folks because you can generally guarantee a >2000mi segment each way.
The LAX deals certainly generate more TP, but if you're based on the east coast then positioning to LAX can be a pain and add a lot of extra time to the trip (and cash tickets in Y are usually in the $200-500 range without much hope of an upgrade if you're crediting to BA). This fare can be done in a weekend and generates 6*40 = 240 TP.

Definifely not a bargain compared to some of the west coast fares with two transcon segments, but helpful to top up your TP in a weekend without having to go too far afield.

Also nice that you can leave from/arrive to LGA and transit both DFW and MIA so you have centurion lounges at most points.
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