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First and foremost I want yo thank you all for the responses. Passport is gone. I'm currently sitting in my seat headed back to Seattle.

Back story

​When I landed at Seoul it didn't even dawn on me to check my bag for the passport as it's always on one particular place in my backpack. After I deplaned and was going to transfer to my gate I was asked for the passport which I could not procure. I was able to run back to the plane and hot lucky that a DL agent was walking g by the closed doors. I told him I had left my passport back on the plane. He opened the door to the jet bridge and went to my seat but didn't find it. He then came out and let me go onboard to my seat and unfortunately still did not find it. I was escorted off the plane where I'm in full panic mode because my turnaround time is 1.25 hours. I just so happen to meet a exceptionally caring DL rep by the name of xxxxxxxxxx She took me to the transfer station and somehow worked magic. I gave her my Global Entry card and ID and she made a call and spoke with someone who I presume was CBP. I was granted access thru the transfer station and she ran me to my gate as the plane leaves in 1 hour. At the gate I was asked to sit and she made another call and informed me I will not be allowed back onto the flight that now leaves in 45 min and I'd have to leave the airport and go to the American Embassy for a emergency passport. It's 4:40pm or so Seoul time and I presume the Embassy closes at 5 so I'd be stuck at least thru the weekend. When she told me that my heart sank and I honestly thought I was having heart palpitations and was going to get sick. This is the point where I reached out to you all. About 45 minutes later and as everyone has boarded she came back to me and on her phone she was speaking with a CBP agent. She asked me some detailed information and by the grace of everything holy I was cleared to fly.

As I sit here I'm wondering what's going to happen in Seattle once I land. Like I said I do have my Global Entry card and ID. I have a three hour window before my flight to Chicago leaves so I do have time. I gave torn my bag apart every which way till tomorrow and the Passport just isn't here. Like I said, I took a pic of it with the ticket against the backdrop of Seoul on the gate monitor so I had it to get on the plane but when I landed it wasn't on me. I have no idea if it was potentially stolen on the plane or slipped down into the seat somewhere (the original DL rep took the seat apart to try and locate it)

​​​​​​​Once again, thank you all who posted. I'll post how the experience unfolds once I reach CBP in Seattle.

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