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Originally Posted by BENLEE View Post
Has this thread turn into a coffee thread?
you were 1st to mention in-room coffee >
Originally Posted by BENLEE View Post
coffee machine and coffee making facility ( a must for me )
5 agreed, including OP of thread, who was 1st to say >

Originally Posted by KatW View Post
I must have a cup BEFORE I can call for room service coffee.
additional 3 [+ 5 = 8] agreed with that

(total 10 [+] out of 25 posting in thread)

2 [+ 8 = 10] >

Originally Posted by scented View Post
luxury hotels don't have a clue how to make a proper coffee/cappuccino/espresso.

A few exceptions worth mentioning: FS Dubai (excellent espresso), FS Milan, Café Gray Deluxe, Café Cha at the Siam, Park Hyatt Bangkok (who would have thought?)...
Originally Posted by aa213bb View Post
I'm trying to recall a single hotel that has had good, much less excellent coffee, and I am struggling.
some hotel staff may know how, but not part of their job, may be able to find out
could follow such staff if they stay with a chain and move internationally etc
* and that does not just apply to coffee, but many things that may be part of stay

* at least coffee is complex/excusable, vs inability to meet dietary requirements

what do coffee connoisseurs here say re Antica Tostatura Triestina ?

a couple posts re luxury hotels here >

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