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I'm trying to recall a single hotel that has had good, much less excellent coffee, and I am struggling. Even the FS Marunouchi.

Most espressos/espresso-based drinks are just simply not good. At all. And drip/pour-over/French Press are usually worse.

I do remember enjoying Vietnamese Iced Coffees at Amanoi, but then those are basically desserts.
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Luxury hotels should be better at these things than the little coffeehouse around the corner. But it's often the opposite!
I can't say I'm surprised, actually. It's the difference between shops with focus and care, and (in a lot of cases) passion and precision, versus ... well, not that. We seek out third-wave spots in almost every location we visit, to try and "get our fix".

I will say, for some reason it never even crossed my mind to ask a hotel to provide my the tools to brew my own. Perhaps I should ...
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