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Originally Posted by gsalem94122 View Post
OP to add finality.

We left yesterday from Boston. The very nice woman at the United counter saw that I had the paperwork and didn't even look at it. She was more concerned with getting a new 1st flight as we'd have missed the connection otherwise due to a delay.

In Newark (the flight to PVG), they checked the paperwork again at the gate. The gate staff would not take our ANA flight print out for the confirmed flight/seats in 2 days. He insisted that we show a single "united reservation" into and out of China. (Which I had). While not required by China, this seemed to be the only paperwork that got us on the plane. And I was warned of this last month in Boston at the United counter.

In PVG, the 144 hour transit line took about 10 minutes. It was longish since my partner has a nearly full passport. The authorities were looking at each stamp to be certain they were real.
The agent in EWR is flat out wrong. Glad you had what he/she wanted to make it a smoother process but if you didn't then you would have had to escalate on the spot to a red coat and then probably higher up than that. Ridiculous requirement to have it all on a United print out.

As for the full passport...I've never seen that in China and I go there a lot. I have a double-expanded passport that is now full (minus a spot for two stamps) and I've never once had a Chinese immigration official go through my passport and look at stamps. It does take them a second to find empty space to place the stamp but that's it. I have entered through Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen (airport & land), Shanghai and Chengdu. Tomorrow I'm off to Shanghai and don't expect any issues.

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