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I think you're absolutely right to go with UA. It's a very solid program for discount Economy fliers - most foreign airlines punish discount fares much more heavily (e.g. LH M&M only earns 25% of the distance on UA's lowest fares, which only outclasses UA if you're flying below 5 cpm). The 18-month rolling expiration allows you to hoard miles, and if you do make it to Gold (not easy unless you have a foreign address because of the PQD requirement), you'll enjoy E+ and booking and free SDC (and *G), both of which are huge benefits.
My requirement is precisely based on my experience in redeeming with BA where Economy ticket prices can be 80% of buying a ticket directly. BA is probably the worst at this.

I'm not a US resident and will mostly be flying S,H,Q type "specialty" buckets still based on distance not price and UA isn't any better than most in this area, typically 50-75% plus 25-50% status bonus. LH is similar, the few at 25% (G,K,L,T) aren't ones I fly.

It looks similar to UA's, in some cases better, H receives 100% before the 25% bonus. UA's advantage is I am more likely to get 50% bonus as Gold, LH only gives 25% whether Silver or Gold.

SQ is actually better by giving 100% across all Economy. I don't think either are as good on redemption however although I haven't been able to do direct comparisons.
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