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Originally Posted by sbm12 View Post
Long thread about such in the *A forum that might be better for you.

As much as many people hate on the MileagePlus program it remains reasonably flexible and has easy ways to earn extra points with partners (for US residents with good credit).

That said, if you're mostly buying cheap fares and only about 50k miles/year I'd be focused on price and schedule, not points. And a cash-back credit card, too.

The type of award you've described is much more likely to be accessible that way and you're not tied to any one carrier for redemption either.
Thanks,I didn't know there was a forum for generic alliances outside of the programs, I might ask their later. Since my main consideration is UA, I think it's good to start here.

I'm not a US resident, I'm based in UK/Europe. I usually fly BA/AA to US, have had oneworld Emerald with BAEC last 10-15 years, but this client requires me to fly UA to US. Tickets are billed to the client and due to location/connection there really isn't any choice of schedule.
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