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There is a good chance that if the property's insurer is one of the "bigs" that it has contracts with a series of preferred collision repair places in NYC which are often the same across a lot of companies including perhaps OP's.

With a property-only claim on the smallish side, the easiest resolution is to pick one of those repair places presuming that it is decent and you aren't driving anything particularly special. The whole thing is then taken care of by the property's insurance company and many places even arrange for Enterprise or somesuch to drop off a rental (or have an Enterprise agent on site).

No cash changes hands, you have not reported anything and as many folks here point out, it isn't certain that reporting to your carrier won't have adverse consequences. Even if the carrier is violating local law, it can take forever and a lot of your personal time to get it fixed.

As to the $38, as with all things such as this, why not simply ask to have the charge removed on the spot or at least when dealing with the property at the time it accepted responsibility. E.g., "thanks for making this liability issue simple, however I noticed that one of your folks left the parking charge on. Will you handle the $38 refund for me?"
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