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I'm very surprised that AA ticketed it with a connection that doesn't meet the minimum connect time (MCT). Normally, if a reservations agents books such a connection, the reservation system displays an error, and if they persist, the ticketing department refused to issue the ticket. The MCT takes into account needing to clear immigration and customs, and reclear security, as well as the need to walk from TBIT to T4. Being on AA both legs doesn't help much (it avoids the possibility of needing to get from a terminal on the other side of LAX).

If you have Global Entry (or NEXUS, which includes Global Entry) and have carry-on baggage only, you can realistically make a 90 minute connection, provided the incoming flight from AKL isn't late. If you don't have Global Entry or NEXUS, even two hours might not be enough if immigration or customs is backed up with huge lines. Having checked bags adds the delay of needing to wait for the bags to be unloaded.

At any rate, since you are holding a ticket that doesn't meet the minimum connect time, I believe AA has an obligation to switch your flights at no cost to you, although they may want the same inventory to be available on the new flights; I think this can be waived. If the reservations agent isn't helpful, you can politely ask for a resolutions agent.

I'm not sure which date you're flying or on which flights. Here are the AA prime flights I see for a date picked at random:

Results from https://www.ExpertFlyer.com
Flight Availability Search
Departing AKL on 07/17/17 12:00 AM for YYZ
Flying AA  
Connecting at LAX 

Flight        Stops  Depart             Arrive             Aircraft  Reliability     Available Classes
1 Connection
AA 82         0      AKL                LAX                788       Daily           J7 R7 D7 I7 Y7 B0 H7 K7 M7 L7 G7 V7 S7 N7 Q7 O7 
                     07/17/17 1:00 PM   07/17/17 6:25 AM             100% / 3m
AA 2654       0      LAX                YYZ                319       Daily           J0 D0 I0 Y7 B0 H7 K7 M7 L7 G7 V7 S7 N7 Q7 O7 
                     07/17/17 8:45 AM   07/17/17 4:47 PM             71% / 37m
Which is a 2:20 connection; 20 minutes more than the minimum connect time.

First of all, I very much appreciate both of you taking the time to give such detailed replies.

The flight in question is from AKL to YYZ (connecting in LAX) on March 15, 2018. AA82 and AA1845.

I did call American Airlines and they basically said that if I book it and miss my second leg, I will end up being on standby for another AA flight (all of which have additional connections and are much longer as they are not direct + another layover)

I am thinking of changing my travel plans for the route home because of this. Would prefer to avoid ending up in a standby mess.
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