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I'm surprised no one mentioned the fact that the hotel may not be owned or run by Marriott. Who the right party is to deal with depends on the hotel, as does the likelihood of "bennies" from Marriott.

The OP should also watch out for "loss of use" fees which his insurance may not cover. He needs to check his policy and perhaps state insurance law.

OP should be careful, especially WRT the advice on this board because state law with regard to auto insurance as well as state (and local) law regarding inn-keepers varies widely.

Finally, a hotel should have a difficult time ducking responsibility for a person acting on their behalf, legally an agent, even if they're not employed by the hotel. Unfortunately, asserting rights like this often involves an attorney, and the damages here may be too small. $6000 in damages like to the van is probably not too small, since your counsel would be negotiating to get his bill payed by the other party. Note too that things like this are almost always settled out of court.

So, when things like this go sour, a letter from your counsel will almost always move the other party to action.
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